An outdoor AC unit with the words, "signs that you need emergency HVAC repair."

It is no secret that HVAC companies all have services that provide emergency HVAC repairs. However, you may be wondering, what exactly constitutes emergency repairs? Surely every malfunction with your AC or heating unit would call for fast and efficient repairs? While your experts at Cote’s Mechanical feel the same way, we also know that there are some issues that make the risk for injury, complete system failure, or poor health increase substantially. It is these problems that are considered for emergency repairs. Here are the signs that you should be looking for when wondering if your system needs emergency repairs:


Your AC unit will naturally drip water from time to time. This is due to the drastic temperature difference between the coolant running through your system and the air in your home. Water leaks can also be caused by a clogged or disconnected drain line, which again, can create a mess but it isn’t dangerous to one’s health.

However, while it is more uncommon, your AC unit’s refrigerant can also leak. This is extremely dangerous, as the refrigerant can evaporate and turn into gas. This gas is toxic to humans and can cause headaches, nausea, and dizziness.

If you smell gas or oil, it could be your heater leaking as well, which puts toxic and flammable gas into your home. This is extremely dangerous as the risk of fire increases. When you smell gas, you need to vacuate your home immediately and call your HVAC technician to come take a look.

Since leaks could be oil, gas, and refrigerant, they fall under the category of emergency repairs. While the homeowner can look for signs that the leaks are just water, such as standing water in a drip pan, there is no way to be completely sure that there isn’t a more serious issue at hand. A proper inspection from your trusted HVAC technician is the only way to be 100% safe.

Your HVAC Unit Cannot Get to Or Maintain the Right Temperature

Texas summers are known for their overbearing heat. Texas law dictates that when a tenant notifies their renter that there is a problem with the AC unit, the renter needs to immediately contact their HVAC technician. The heat can cause terrible discomfort, make the occupants ill, or in the worst cases, cause heatstroke. Broken down AC units need immediate repairs during the hot summer months.

Your Energy Bills Are High

If you are noticing a significant rise in your energy bills, you will want to call your trusted HVAC technician right away. Not only does this hurt your family’s finances, but it can also be a sign of an electrical issue. If not taken care of, the issue may grow into one that cannot be solved by regular repairs and, instead, may call for a replacement. The rise in energy bills can also be due to out-of-date maintenance, which is why you will want to get your system serviced twice a year to ensure that it is running strong and reliably throughout the year.

The Air Conditioner Shuts Off Abruptly

When your air conditioner unit suddenly shuts off, this is a very bad sign. It could mean one of two things: the coolant in the system is low or there is built-up compressor pressure. While the low coolant is an issue, this can be easily remedied with a coolant recharge (which should only be handled by your HVAC technician). The built-up compressor pressure issue, however, should be a cause of immediate concern. The built-up pressure, if not handled, can cause the system to explode. When your system turns off suddenly, the sensors of your unit are doing their job properly and are telling you that something is off and you need to call your HVAC team.

For those living in the DFW area, you can trust the dedicated and passionate HVAC technicians at Cote’s Mechanical, LLC. Our team provides expert emergency HVAC repairs promptly so that you and your family can focus on enjoying your time with each other. Contact our team for all of your HVAC needs or an estimate on our services!