Texas Heat Wave and the Power Grid

The words "Texas Heat Wave and the Power Grid" in front of a road.

Entering an air-conditioned building on a hot summer day is an experience many relish. However, we don’t often think of what happens behind the scenes to enable our air conditioners to cool us. The summer of 2023 saw Texas face extreme heat that significantly strained the state’s power grid, putting Texans’ access to electricity at […]

7 Spring Cleaning Tips to Help Improve Indoor Air Quality

The words "spring cleaning tips to improve indoor air quality" in front of a person cleaning a table.

Indoor air quality is a vital part of every home. Poor indoor air quality can lead to serious short and long-term health problems.  In this blog post, Cote’s Mechanical will be going over steps you can take to enhance the air quality in your home. While using these seven tips won’t make the air in […]

How Can I Lower My Energy Bills Throughout the New Year?

The words "how can I lower my energy bill" on a picture of a calculator.

There are a lot of new years resolutions out there, and if you’ve made saving money yours, then you are not alone. One of the biggest money spenders in your household expenses is your energy costs. The team at Cote’s Mechanical understands the importance of saving a few bucks, and we have created this guide […]

What Are the Different Types of Air Purifiers?

Close up of a thermostat in a nice house next to a staircase

We spend a lot of time in our homes, often unaware of the hidden risks caused by poor indoor air quality. As a result, health problems can occur or be made worse by the condition of your indoor air. In this article, Cote’s Mechanical will take a closer look at indoor air quality and how […]

Is There Benefits to Getting My Heater and AC Replaced Together

A picture of a home with the words, "is there an advantage of replacing my furnace and ac together?"

Normally, when you need to replace your heater or AC, you only need to replace one or the other. Rarely do they both need to be replaced at the same time. However, a lot of our clients have been asking whether or not there is an advantage to replacing both units at the same time. […]

Identifying and Avoiding HVAC Repair Scams

An HVAC technicians working on an air conditioner with the words, "avoiding HVAC repair scams."

Your home is likely your biggest investment. It keeps you and your family members safe from inclement weather and damaging storms. Your heating and cooling system keeps you warm during the winter and cool during the summer. For your HVAC maintenance needs, you deserve a team that you can trust, which means that you will need […]

How to Ventilate Your Home

A man checking the ductwork with the words, "how to ventilate your home."

During the winter, excess moisture and trapped pollutants can negatively affect the quality of your air. Excess moisture can cause your walls and ceilings to develop mildew, while trapped pollutants can worsen allergies and even cause minor illnesses. If you’re wondering how to effectively ventilate your home during the winter to avoid these issues, while […]

Signs That You Need Emergency HVAC Repair

An outdoor AC unit with the words, "signs that you need emergency HVAC repair."

It is no secret that HVAC companies all have services that provide emergency HVAC repairs. However, you may be wondering, what exactly constitutes emergency repairs? Surely every malfunction with your AC or heating unit would call for fast and efficient repairs? While your experts at Cote’s Mechanical feel the same way, we also know that […]

Update on Current Operations

Closeup of Virus

Cote’s Mechanical is continuing to monitor the ongoing situation facing our country and community concerning the current pandemic. We wanted to reassure our clients that we are continuing to operate at full capacity while taking extra cautionary measures to ensure the safety of our clients and staff. As classified by the “Essential Critical Infrastructure Workers” […]